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Security|Business Continuity

Customer data is the very core of your business. Whether you are leveraging sales and customer contact information in a direct marketing campaign or including social security numbers, account numbers, and healthcare information on an invoice, statement or other business critical communication, it is imperative that you protect your customers’ data and your cash flow.

At A.B. Data, we don’t just say we take security and business continuity seriously, we actually do take it seriously.

A.B. Data is a premier service provider of direct mail marketing and document processing solutions for clients in a variety of industries nation-wide, but unlike many of our competitors, we efficiently and cost-effectively incorporate advanced data protection and uninterrupted service in everything we do.

From our network and facilities security protocol to our tested back-up and disaster recovery plan, we have made it a priority to protect our clients’ most valuable asset – your customer data.

This gives our clients peace of mind, and it will give you peace of mind too.

Contact us today for more information about how we can provide professional, secure, uninterrupted direct marketing and statement processing solutions for you.