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As A.B. Data helps you get the most value from your paper statements, we can also help you create and manage electronic statements. More and more people are choosing to have their statements delivered to them electronically, reducing the reliance on traditional paper statements.

While electronic statements are clearly easier for your customers to use, your company will reap many benefits from the service as well. By delivering your statements online, you can take advantage of many fringe opportunities, such as improved customer management, electronic marketing, and data mining, as well as the efficiency of being able to view your outbound statements before they reach your customers.

A.B. Data's experience in electronic presentment allows us to assist you with the implementation and maintenance process every step of the way. We will combine your conventional and electronic presentment options, saving every paper document you print and mail as a PDF file. This archive gives you a full historic record of all your statements, and will provide an organized statement trail in the event of an audit. Your indexed, searchable database will be accessible from virtually any PC in your office, giving you fast and easy access.

All of our processes function in A.B. Data's highly secure environment. All of our processing is done in a locked down environment, and our networks feature the top levels of security and access is limited only to those who need it, ensuring that your data will not be compromised.

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